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The USCCA is a member-backed association designed to educate, train, & insure responsibly armed Americans. We publish Concealed Carry Magazine, free weekly newsletters, and Concealed Carry Report. Memberships provide self-defense insurance coverage, a subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine, and access to online and educational materials.  Our memberships offer the most comprehensive legal and financial protection for American Gun Owners. The USCCA is leading the industry and the owner and founder Tim Schmidt, has promised us, his foot wont be coming off the gas pedal. We currently have over 120,000 members and subscribers.

The benefits of our memberships are essentially like auto insurance. You never want to ever have to use it, but it's there to back you up and protect you from financial burden. 
Did you know...97% of automobile drivers are insured and 97% of gun owners are NOT?